Sue-Anne Hunter


Sue-Anne Hunter is an Aboriginal woman who is strong in her culture and descends from the Wurundjeri people. She is committed to self-determination and advocating for the rights of her people. Sue-Anne has worked at The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) for 18 years and is currently the Statewide Principal Practitioner.


Supporting Stronger Futures: Cultural Therapeutic Way (Oral Paper Presentation)

The Victorian Aboriginal Childcare Agency’s (VACCA) approach to Aboriginal children and young people and families integrates culture and trauma informed and self-determination theories to guide healing practice. This cultural therapeutic approach, Cultural Therapeutic Ways, is informed by an evidence base that acknowledges the significance of culture, Community, Country, family and self-determination to health and wellbeing and theories of trauma, neurobiology, attachment and resilience.

Cultural Therapeutic Ways is currently being implemented across VACCA and aims to provide: culturally safe places and spaces, and opportunities to participate in cultural observances and practices towards the strengthening of Aboriginal identity, belonging and cultural knowledge, enriched by safe, healing relationships and experiences informed by a sound understanding of trauma, damaged attachment, developmental needs and resilience.

This presentation provides a definition of what we mean by our cultural therapeutic approach and introduces the tools and resources utilised to support approach implementation.

Cultural Therapeutic Ways reflects the cultural values and principles of self-determination and empowerment of Aboriginal people and will ensure that Aboriginal children, young people, families Community members and Carers are at the centre of the way that VACCA services are delivered, with culture, and trauma informed and self-determination theories at the heart of program design and delivery.

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