Silvia Lapic


Redesigning the child protection and wellbeing access system in NSW (Policy Think Space)

Their Futures Matters (TFM) is a landmark NSW Government reform to overhaul the coordination and delivery of services to vulnerable children, young people and their families. The reform will ensure evidence-based service delivery, with services tailored to the needs of vulnerable children, young people and families to improve their life outcomes at the earliest opportunity.

It builds on previous reforms and reviews and is characterized by moving away from a placement-based system to one with children and families at the centre, guided by an investment approach and human services dataset, to achieve large-scale benefits for individuals and the system, now and into the future.

TFM is reimagining an access system where wellbeing and child protection is delivered in the context of family and community and where the balance of investment is reoriented toward prevention and early intervention. A universal approach to supporting vulnerable children, young people and families will take a community-driven response to open more opportunities for early interventions and to optimize wellbeing.

A broad pool of evidence has been gathered from across the sector to understand and rationalize the expected level of demand (demand), what works in other jurisdictions (research and evidence), population needs (user needs) and what does or could work in the NSW context (practice).

This presentation will share the evidence, high level design and implementation plans for a more coordinated and connected child and family system, and conclude with an audience Q&A.

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