Sammy Bruderer


As NAPCAN’s Queensland Manager/National Manager Child Safe Organisations, Sammy Bruderer is passionate about promoting the importance of prevention at all levels of the child protection sector. With a background in social work, Sammy’s career has involved frontline work with vulnerable children and families, and in emergency medicine as a first responder to sexual assault, domestic violence and trauma. This experience has galvanised her belief in prevention as the best answer to Australia’s child protection crisis.


Communities Working Together to Keep Children Safe (Resource table)

Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s most significant social issues. The only way to truly keep children safe is to stop abuse before it occurs. Primary prevention is an evidenced based approach to creating child, family and community wellbeing, consistent with National/State standards and frameworks.

Research demonstrates that investing in community-led initiatives creates an effective and sustainable system to prevent child abuse and neglect. Traditional child protection systems have an individual case management approach that doesn’t engage communities in strategies to shift attitudes or change behaviours around children.

Communities Keeping Children Safe is an innovative, community education and development program, currently being delivered in remote Communities across the NT and QLD. A series of workshops have been designed to build the capacity, confidence and skills of community members to discuss difficult and sensitive topics such as child abuse and preventing violence in relationships. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of individual communities.

Learning outcomes of the presentation include:

Identifying the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

The value of place-based prevention initiatives in a remote context

Prevention strategies to reduce physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect

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