Rob Ryan


Rob Ryan is the CEO of Key Assets. Rob has worked in the children’s service area for over twenty-five years. Rob completed a Churchill Fellowship in Child Protection and is the Chair of the Forde Foundation Board of Advice.


Siblings are for Life (Interactive Workshop)

Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it’s like to have been brought up the way you were (Betsy Z Cohen). In some jurisdictions across the world it is now a legislative requirement to focus on keeping siblings connected. However in many cases pressures around placement options has resulted in little consideration given to maintaining what is often the longest-lasting relationship of a person’s lifetime: the one with siblings. This interactive workshop focuses on sibling group care and the immense impact that living with your siblings has on placement stability and the attainment of outcomes for children in out of home care.

In 2015 the Government of Tasmania had the foresight to establish a dedicated sibling group care program. This unique program focuses on keeping siblings, who number three or more, together.

It takes a special carer to foster three or more related children. In this interactive workshop the presenters will engage with participants in sharing stories of success in keeping siblings together. It will include two case examples where audience members will be participants in a live experience of two parallel processes that showcase outcomes, strengths, challenges and three year stability data that supports the value of keeping sibling groups intact. It will also show what happens when things don’t work and the long term impact of this to children, their families and our society.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Dr Reeny Jurczyszy who spent 18 years growing up in residential and foster care.

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