Meagan Probert


Meagan Probert is the Practice Development Manager for Key Assets – The Children’s Services Provider Australia. Her role is focused on the development and implementation of innovative quality practice across Key Assets Australia. Within this role, Meagan leads the implementation of the Key Assets Practice Framework. Meagan is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, leading through growth and change within systems and sharing stories about the journey.


Key Assets Practice Framework: Coaching approach to working with carers (Oral Paper Presentation)

A growing body of research suggests that building the capacity of carers of children in out-of-home care is one of the most powerful ways to promote stability of placement, child wellbeing and safety. To create sustainable and meaningful change for carers, children and young people in their Fostering service, Key Assets – The Children’s Services Provider completed an extensive co-design process with the Parenting Research Centre to create an evidence informed Practice Framework.

This Practice Framework outlines a coaching approach that social workers can use in their day-to-day practice with carers to promote carer problem solving and self-regulation skills. A significant part of this involves social workers using strategies for harnessing and cultivating carer motivation for positive change and growth. The Practice Framework is created on the principles of family-centred practice, trauma-informed practice, adult self-regulation and genuine collaboration.

This presentation will provide an overview of:
• the theory of change of the Practice Framework
• the key phases of the Practice Framework
• core activities and steps Key Assets have undertaken to embed the Practice Framework

This presentation is suitable for practitioners, managers and agency directors interested in how enhancing social worker practice can improve outcomes for children and young people by building the confidence and capacity of carers.

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