Marie Slattery


Marie Slattery has qualifications in psychology, lead auditing and leadership. She has worked for almost 2 decades across 3 countries/cultures/systems providing services to children, youth and families with complex needs in out-of-home care and in the community. Marie is a passionate advocate for children’s rights, child safety, equality and culture change.


Creating a Child Safe Organisation: The why, the how and the what now? (Interactive Workshop)

Creating a Child Safe Organisation and implementing the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is a worthwhile task but a daunting one all the same. This workshop uses the experience of a not-for-profit organisation to explore the benefits and challenges faced to achieve compliance and child safe accreditation. Participants will share an insight into the planning, implementation and auditing of an organisation culture to determine if it meets the standards. They will also participate in tasks to support their understanding of how recruitment, incident reporting and staff conduct are linked and how this reduces the risk posed to children. The workshop will explore the real-life implications on children and staff of creating new child safe processes and systems. Participants will leave with a firm grasp of how to make their place of work child safe and the importance of culture change in maintaining that focus.

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