Lisa Keegan


Lisa Keegan has 27 years’ experience working with young children and advocating for quality early childhood care and education. She is a PhD candidate, has presented at National conferences and published several research articles. Recent research includes trauma and neurosequential development outcomes for children and young people.


Getting into their heads: a neurosequential brain development approach to youth employment program (Oral Paper Presentation)

The Empowering Youth to Thrive (EYTT) initiative is an innovative youth employment program that utilises neuroscience research to underpin a range of creative and sensory experiences to engage young people in social and emotional learning, particularly independence, agency, resilience and relationship building. This neurosequential approach aims to enhance young, vulnerable and at-risk youth’s brain pathways to enhance their cortical (higher order thinking) functions. In doing so, young people are potentially afforded the problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills necessary for the possibility of positive engagement in the current and future workforce.

The EYTT is funded under the Federal Department of Education and Training (DET) Empowering YOUth Initiative. The focus of the initiative is to empower vulnerable and at risk youth, particularly Indigenous youth, to develop both soft and hard work-readiness skills and improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of the young people engaged in the program.

This paper will discuss the design, evaluation and outcomes of the program including a focus on the health outcomes and work-readiness skills outcomes for young people who have participated.

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