Kathlene Wilson


Kathlene Wilson is Manager/Practitioner at Family Zone with experience in Perinatal Infant Mental Health (including infant observations) and Social Work. Kathlene is an experienced parent educator with a strong emphasis on Child Centred Professional practice.


“Nurture the Nurturers” (Poster Presentation)

Particularly since the release of Judge Margaret Nyland’s report in South Australia (November 2016), there has been a developing awareness of the importance of the first 1000 days of any child’s life. It is now 2019 – we continue to voice our concerns and continue to plan a variety of new programs. Still we are making huge numbers of child abuse reports and far too many children are coming into state care.

As practitioners we have adopted Child-centred practices, re-visited attachment theory and developed greater understanding of trauma-informed principles. Why then are we (as practitioners) not out of work?
We appear to have forgotten the basis principle of nurturing the nurturers!

Family Zone is a small community centre in northern Adelaide. Using a community based hub model there is a strong focus on individual families, open and productive two-way communication that engages parents and families in active decision making, goal setting and intervention. Parents are supported as individuals to recognise their aspirations as parents to provide appropriate and supportive care to enhance the well-being of their children.

Whilst the well-being of the children within the family unit is the target of our outcomes. Time spent with individual parents is the goal of the work. Much time is spent nurturing the nurturers to empower them to make the changes required. You can’t know what you don’t know. A variety of trained practitioners support each individual to more to a new space.

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