Joanne Trentin


Joanne Trentin is the Practice and Quality Manager for Child and Family services in UnitingCare. Joanne has qualifications in social science and law. She has worked in the human services sector for over 20 years as a practitioner and manager in domestic and family violence services, child protection, family support and family law.


Skilled Staff + Supported Carers = Improved Outcomes for Children in Out of Home Care. (Poster Presentation)

The out of home care service system and non-government agencies in it face many challenges to meet the placement needs of children in the system, including recruiting and supporting family based carers. Agencies and government are increasingly considering innovative approaches to respond to these challenges.

In 2018, Uniting Care, implemented a project designed to influence, innovate and strengthen the local out of home care service system. With the overall aim of improving outcomes for children and young people in care in the Cairns region, objectives of this project included:

• increasing foster carers numbers;
• strengthening carer retention and support
• building both carer and staff capacity and skills
• Improving placement stability in out of home care

To achieve this UnitingCare partnered with Social Care Solutions, to review relevant research and utilising a user-centred approach, worked closely with carers and staff to develop and implement a range of different solutions including:
• A carer consultative committee
• An evidenced informed peer mentoring and shared care model
• An internal assessment panel for review of assessment reports

This presentation outlines the learnings, challenges and outcomes encountered during this project together with how it can be duplicated across other foster and kinship care services to influence the out of home care service system.

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