It’s My Future! Video Pitch

It’s My Future! One Minute Video Pitch

Initial round of submissions closed 7 May 2019:
Please email with any requests for late entry.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have created a Film Freeway account, you will need to use this link to submit your video:

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Download consent form for participants under 18

  Children and young people (up to age 25) are invited to create a one minute video pitch to grab the attention of policy makers and service providers who will attend the 2019 Child Aware Conference.

  We want you to create a video using a format that allows you to comfortably express yourself. You might want to consider song, rap, poetry, animation, ‘selfie-style’ speaking, a slideshow or swatch cards as some examples.  The choice is up to you.

All videos must answer the following key question:
What do you need right now to be the best person you can be in the future?

  You will need to focus your video around a topic relating to wellbeing and safety. Choose one from our list or create your own!  Make sure you choose one BEFORE you start filming.


  Your video can be recorded using any technology you have available.  For example, on a Smartphone or camera.  All video and audio must be easy to see and hear. A tripod may be helpful.

  We’ve developed some selection criteria that we’ll use to assess all videos.  You can find details hereMake sure you take the time to read them as videos that don’t meet the criteria won’t be accepted.

  All videos will be assessed by a Reference Group of young people who are working with Families Australia and our Conference Reference Group. All videos that are accepted will be uploaded to the Child Aware Conference website with a selection to be shown at the Conference.

Steps for submitting an It’s My Future! video for the Child Aware Conference

Step 1:             Carefully read all the information on this page and review the Selection Criteria.

Step 2:            We need the consent of a parent or legal guardian if you are under 18 years of age. If you are including others in your video we need their consent too. We cannot accept any videos that don’t include signed consent.  The consent form is available here.

Step 3:            Create your video and upload it via FilmFreeway (please read on for important information about uploading).

You will need to create an account and ‘add a project’ where you will be asked to give your film a title. There are lots of questions that FilmFreeway asks about the film that you don’t need to answer but we do need your answers to “Submitter Information” and anything else that’s easy for you to answer.
PLEASE NOTE: You can add “It’s My Future!” to your list of favourites on the right hand side of the submission page. This will ensure you can find the page again once you have uploaded your film to complete your submission. If you forget to save it, return to the
FilmFreeway link.

Other Important Information:

  No payment will be made for videos.
  Videos we accept will be published on the Families Australia suite of websites and may be shared through social media but that doesn’t stop you from using it and sharing yourself.
  If your video is not accepted, we will let you know why.
  Your personal details will be kept confidential and won’t be published.
  Any image or video that is published online on the Child Aware Conference and Families Australia websites can be copied and shared without the knowledge of the person who uploaded it. Once your video is published, we may not be able to retrieve or delete it if you withdraw your permission after publishing.
  Make sure you feel safe in sharing your video before you upload it. If you need help because you don’t feel safe, or making the video has caused you any distress, you can call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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