Harry Williams


The Healing Foundation’s Youth Advisory Group is comprised of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders from across Australia. The Youth Advisory Group was established to guide The Healing Foundation on a range of youth healing initiatives including the development of a national youth healing framework.

Harry Williams is a descendent of the Wiradjuri people from Cowra, NSW. Harry grew up in Canberra where he continues to live and work. Harry is passionate about educating people about the true history of our country. He considers himself fortunate for the opportunities he has had throughout his career in the community and public service sectors. Harry enjoys meeting new people and sharing and gaining knowledge as he travels around Australia.


What does healing mean for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in Australia?

In 2017, The Healing Foundation facilitated the first ever, national, healing forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people from across Australia. The forum identified the key issues that are causing trauma and impacting on the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. Most importantly, the forum provided an opportunity for young people to develop their own innovative and tailored solutions to those key issues, resulting in a national report titled ‘Our Healing, Our Way – Leading and Shaping Our Future’. To support the report’s findings, The Healing Foundation established an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Advisory Group. Youth Advisory Group members will present the key findings of their report, a snapshot of their proposed solutions and speak directly to the audience about what healing personally means to them and their communities.

Harry Williams

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