Chris Boyle


Chris Boyle is a social worker who has worked in the child protection system for over 24 years, across non-government, government and now as CEO and Co-Founder of the Commsync Foundation. He has a passion for social justice and giving a voice and opportunity to the most vulnerable children, young people and families in our community. In 2012, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship. Commsync seeks to shift investment back to children and not systems.


Safety through Connections – The power of technology to keep children and young people safe (Oral paper presentation)

Background: This research explores the use of accessible digital technologies (e.g. watches) to enhance children’s safety and wellbeing throughout their intervention programs. While digital technologies are currently used in child protection systems, these have hitherto involved communication and surveillance rather than voluntary support. This project uses these technologies to disrupt what are widely seen as deeply problematic, and often mistrusted, interventions.

Methods: 30 watches with the Commsync Alert program have been supplied to children and families participating in intervention programs in SE Queensland, Australia. Watches are supplied for 12 months.

This is an exploratory research study with ongoing, mixed-methods evaluation; including online survey and brief response (Likert scale) for families and staff and in depth qualitative interviews with family members.

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