Belinda Drew


Belinda Drew is CEO of the Community Services Industry Alliance and has extensive executive experience across the community services. She is passionate about Commissioning for Outcomes and what it can do for the delivery of community services to our most vulnerable Australians. Coupling this with her ability to use storytelling, she can share information, knowledge, findings and learnings in a meaningful and adaptive way.


How CSIA took Commissioning for Outcomes investment logic from research to policy and practice (Policy Think Space)

Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) is bringing an Industry-led approach to influencing investment design and policy for critical child and family services to improve the life outcomes of our most vulnerable people.

Through industry crowd funding, CSIA has shifted the policy conversation around investment. They produced the Commissioning for Outcomes; an industry-Led Approach research report with a new framework and roadmap to guide readiness and policy development. Industry is seeking to influence government investors with transformative policy advice and implementation implications, but what does it look like in practice?

CSIA is putting this research framework into practice by co-designing a new approach to developing an investment logic through demonstration projects. These are across the industry, intensive foster care services, place-based early childhood hubs, inside the business of individual child and family service providers and in specialist homelessness services.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew will take participants through the journey of the Commissioning for Outcomes framework and road map. She will share how CSIA elicited participation from key industry stakeholders and investors, as well as engaging industry and government to fund and support the ‘putting into practice’ with demonstration projects.

She will talk about what industry-led really means and how industry is influencing policy development into practice. Participants will walk away with insights into how ‘greenfield’ work like Commissioning for Outcomes is influencing policy and can be translated into practice.

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