Andrew Wight


Andrew is cofounder and CEO at, a startup which is using artificial intelligence to help humans resolve conflict, starting with separation and divorce. He has won multiple design and innovation awards and worked with some of the world’s largest and most interesting organisations including Barclays, Barclaycard, Deutsche Bank, China Airlines and Toyota.


The Adieu project: using artificial intelligence to support families when relationships breakdown (XPRESS Podium)

Family breakdown is a major source of legal, financial and emotional issues both in Australia and increasingly around the world. Much of its impact is felt by children.

Adieu is an Australian-based social impact startup that is using artificial intelligence in new ways to fulfil its vision of helping 1 million people around the world who are dealing with divorce and separation.

We are currently trialing Lumi, a bot who has expertise in law, mediation and counselling. Lumi acts as a personal separation guide, supporting separating couples through the entire process, assisting them to come to self-determined parenting agreements and legally-finalised financial settlements for free. Lumi’s primary focus is on the wellbeing of children, walking parents through agreeing care arrangements, creating a parenting plan, understanding how children are coping with the separation and how to approach child support. If, during the conversation, parents feel that their children need additional support, Lumi makes an introduction to a child psychologist. Starting with an initial 20 minute consultation about their situation, Lumi then works with each parent for a period of 3 months, checking in weekly, providing guidance, information and resources, and connecting them to human professionals where needed.

We have also developed the consensus accelerator (winner of the 2018 LexisNexis Thought Leadership award), which enables separating couples to come to legally-sound financial agreements which are submitted to the court in an average of 19 minutes. We are currently working on a parenting consensus accelerator for parenting agreements.

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