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Junction Australia’s staff are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. We ensure that staff are ‘trauma informed’ by providing continual training in the area of developmental trauma, and believe that positive psychology is the next step in providing an exceptional standard of care for young people.

Evidence has demonstrated that well-being and resilience can be taught and measured. Using a systematic approach, positive psychology interventions including education and modifications to existing policies and procedures; specifically focused on PERMA+ . Improved psychological health will increase staff productivity and collaboration; financially beneficial due to higher staff retention rate, and is also positively correlated with the stabilisation of young people’s placements.

Engagement in these activities enables our young people to start their healing process, and develop their capacity to experience more positive emotion and build foundations of healthy relationships. Staff consistency provides the young people with stability and predictability; once stabilised, staff assist them to embed PERMA+ skills as lifelong strategies to maintain well-being.

Information on burnout and the psychological impact it has on the nervous system; the importance of self-care when supporting individuals effected by trauma, to avoid vicarious traumatisation. Looking at the benefits of yoga, to improve cognitive functioning, citing a number of published neuroscientific studies, and case studies from young people in our care.

Through the use of case studies and interactive activities we are able to demonstrate that the program has been effective to help young people flourish into adulthood.

Junction Australia works in partnership with Australian Childhood Foundation.

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