Jodie Park


Dr Jodie Park is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has been working in the child protection/OOHC field for 17 years. In this time, Jodie has worked in a number of practice, quality and management roles for statutory and non-government child protection and out of home care Services. Currently Jodie is in private practice and specializes in providing direct intervention to children and families that is underpinned by a trauma informed and evidence based framework. Jodie provides training to staff and foster carers about attachment, therapeutic life story work, reparative care, birth family contact dynamics and sexualized behaviours as well as providing clinical supervision to social work students, caseworkers and managers.

Jodie is a casual academic and teaches at the University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University.


This paper will discuss the implementation of therapeutic life story work in the Illawarra region of NSW. The paper will present an overview of an informal therapeutic life story work pilot program, that has been in place since September 2015.

Therapeutic life story work is an attachment based intervention that involves the child and the carer. The intervention allows the child to understand and process their life history by using the relationship between the child and the carer as a reparative tool.

The pilot program involves the practitioner and two different non-government OOHC service providers. This will lead to the presentation of three case studies which will illustrate therapeutic life story work in action. The case study discussion will critically reflect on the success and the challenges of the implementation and intervention process by considering the intervention from a clinical perspective to determine if the therapeutic life story work intervention has assisted the child and carer to understand, process and explore the child’s narrative.

The discussion in this chapter will be presented as a qualitative reflection of the pilot program. It will also have an emphasis on exploring the practice that has underpinned the implementation process.

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