Jodie Griffiths-Cook


Jodie Griffiths-Cook is the Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner for the ACT. With 25 years experience in human services, a strong interest in social justice, and a commitment to upholding and advancing human rights, Jodie is a passionate advocate for systems change that facilitates effective individual outcomes and contributes to a sustainable and cohesive human services sector.


This workshop will challenge participants to view the cultural competency of their organisation through the eyes of Aboriginal young people with lived experience of the care and protection system.

The workshop will centre on the five elements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle (prevention, partnership, placement, participation and connections), and their application in organisational practice and decision-making.

Aboriginal young people will co-design the workshop by developing ‘challenge questions’ for consideration by workshop participants. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss their responses to these questions in groups, and then to contrast these with the reflections of Aboriginal young people themselves.

The workshop will include commentary from young people and others that illustrates how cultural connection (and its absence) impacts the lives of Aboriginal children and young people; provide an opportunity for participants to engage in discussion about different ways to promote culturally inclusive practice; provide a space to discuss systemic barriers to culturally inclusive practice and how we might address them; and enable participants to identify and share ‘take-home’ actions that can be implemented within their own organisations.

The workshop aims to enhance participants’ capacity to: listen to children and young people; understand the differing perspectives that children and young people may have about important issues impacting their lives; and ensure that the views of children and young people are taken into account when reviewing policy and improving practice.

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