Jennifer Cartmel


Dr Jennifer Cartmel is senior lecturer with the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University and the Research Chair for The Salvation Army/Griffith University Knowledge Partnership.


The Salvation Army/Griffith University Knowledge Partnership has been underway in Logan City since 2013. In 2015, the research in the Partnership culminated in the production of The Family Place Approach: utilising soft entry universally accessible programs for children and families. This Framework of Practice has been developed to provide high quality practices in safe spaces for children and families in the Logan region. The framework also highlights the importance of the individual disposition and practice of staff when creating a culture of safety for children, parents, and other practitioners.

With this intention staff at The Salvation Army and Griffith University are rolling out the Framework to other workers in this sector. This rollout will include training the CFCL Community Development workers and funded staff to be experts in the Framework of Practice and to then train other practitioners to learn to use the Framework to build safe spaces for children and families.
This workshop offers a ‘taster’ of this training to participants at the Child Aware Conference. Griffith University and Salvation Army staff will present aspects of this training package for participants to engage in and will thus share parts of the Framework and its implementation. The workshop will show how high quality practice can be undertaken and used to engage with families to co –create, design and implement safe spaces for them to use.

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