David Boutkan


David has worked with The Family Centre for 12 years, and has over 30 years’ experience in the community services sector. He has worked for a number of NSW and Commonwealth government departments including Family & Community Services, Health and Juvenile Justice, in child protection, out of home care and youth and family work positions. He has also managed community organisations including ground breaking youth accommodation and support service, The Burdekin Association in Sydney.
David has a special interest and experience in community led co-design, integrated service delivery and collective impact approaches. The Family Centre has a demonstrated commitment to program outcome and social impact measurement using a Results Based Accountability framework.
David holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree and a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact from The University of New South Wales.


The Family Centre (TFC) is committed to involving relevant stakeholders in decision making about child safe organisations and communities, including parents, young people and people from a range of service delivery sectors. This approach is emended in our Values and Practice Principle that highlight collaboration, participation and stakeholder contribution.

TFC has adopted co-design principles to “…shift the locus of responsibility and control so that ʻclientsʼ or users of services become active partners in designing, shaping and resourcing services, rather than being passive recipients of pre-determined services.” (Burkett).

However, government funding is usually prescriptive about the perceived problem and the program delivery solution to that problem. Working within rigidly prescribed program models presents challenges to establishing a credible co-design process.

This presentation will discuss how TFC has embedded co-design principles and practice within its organisational culture and across a range of government funded programs. The presentation will outline specific examples of projects focused on the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and families TFC have undertaken to operate according to co-design principles within prescriptive funded program limitations.

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