Chris Boyle


Chris Boyle has dedicated his 20 year social work career to child protection. He has a passion for social justice and giving a voice to the most vulnerable children, young people and families in our community. In 2012, Chris completed an international Churchill Fellowship into addressing child abuse and neglect.


Social policy in Australia, Britain and the USA has recognised the importance of early intervention and the need to build individual, family and community capacity.

Research and practice experience demonstrates that families are more likely to engage with a support service when it is offered to them in a non-stigmatising, non-threatening way and without the support service being provided through a report to a statutory child protection agency or police.

The CommsyncAlert technology has a 25-year market leading history, with proven reliability in alert management. This technology is currently in multiple high-risk environments, including the United Nations, QLD Government (Health), Michelin and the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

Commsync is applying this innovative technology to increase safety and supports for children and having their voices heard – without having to say a thing. The Commsync solution incorporates a watch that provides timely interventions for children and families in need of safety and support.

The watch technology allows the user to immediately action a pre-determined flow chart to a nominated safety network; simply by pressing a button on their watch. When that occurs, multiple calls (and/or text, email, IVR) are made to the child’s safety network until someone becomes the verified First Responder (escalation); ensuring that every child has someone responsible for their protection.

This innovative technology can replace the traditional method of ‘fridge-door’ safety plans that requires a child to call for help by accessing the safety plan and telephone to alert supports, often during the time of crisis.

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