Anna Jones


Anna Jones is the clinical programme manager of the Talera Centre, a specialist centre for children and families who have been exposed to domestic violence and other forms of family violence and abuse.


In this workshop, delegates will hear initially from a panel of four speakers highlighting the impacts of domestic violence on children, particularly as these involve cases which appear before the court. Panellists will focus on the psychological, emotional, physiological and social impacts of domestic violence on children, and how these impacts are often forgotten in contexts where the perspectives of adults appear to be prioritised. We will comment on mythology surrounding domestic violence and children to argue that domestic violence is itself a form of child abuse, even in the absence of physical harm to the child, challenging in particular the common myth that an abusive partner can simultaneously be a good parent. We will comment on recently developed (July, 2016) best practice guidelines for lawyers in Queensland which have attempted to more accurately reflect the position of children in families where domestic violence occurs. An interactive question and answer will follow short presentations from each of the panellists. Delegates will gain a theoretical and practice framework.
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