Andrea World


Andrea World graduated from the Parent Leadership Training Institute Pilot in 2016 and is now part of the PLTI Alumni . Andrea will provide a summary of her project which is seeking to improve access to ante-natal services and provide positive birthing experiences to expecting mum’s in her Logan community.


The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) was developed after consultations with families by the US Connecticut Commissioner on Children revealed that parents lack advocacy skills, but not the motivation or will to change their children’s lives. The program was initiated in 1992 and now runs in 15 states in America. In 2016 The Family Inclusion Network formed a partnership with PLTI and undertook a pilot in Brisbane with 26 parents. US evaluation outcomes have shown that parents who have undertaken the 20 week program have significantly increased their civic actions and are able to participate in and contribute to their communities about the issues that matter to their families. A sample of the weekly topics for parents include: Change Processes and Parents as Change Agents, How local and state government work, what is public policy, understanding budgets, social and economic trends impacting families and evaluation and outcomes.

The presentation will include a short 3 minute video providing an overview of PLTI, including interviews with three PLTI graduates. A PLTI graduate will be on hand to present their project to the audience providing further context and content. To conclude, the evaluation results from the 2016 Brisbane pilot will be presented.

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