Ailsa McPherson


Ailsa McPherson is a senior research analyst at the Productivity Commission, where she a member of the Secretariat for the Review of Government Service Provision. Ailsa’s areas of responsibility include child protection and youth justice.


Improving services to assist young people in out-of-home care to flourish in adulthood requires high quality performance information. The COAG-initiated Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides nationally comparable information on the performance of governments across 17 service areas including child protection and out-of-home care services.

The RoGS uses a performance indicator framework to provide information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of child protection, out-of-home care and family support services. Where possible, results are provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children for each service type. Child protection reporting in the RoGS complements national-level reporting under the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020.

This presentation will outline the RoGS performance indicator framework for out-of-home care services and the recent performance of governments; discuss developments for reporting on governments’ objective to deliver services in an equitable manner; and potential measures for the RoGS on the outcomes for children leaving out-of-home care as they move into adulthood. As a result, conference participants will be better informed on how performance information in the RoGS can be used to facilitate improvement in the wellbeing of young people who are receiving out-of-home care services.

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